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Watch our videos and see the multi-disciplinary approach to research that enables the Food and Health programme to provide innnovative and cutting edge research to industry partners.

Welcome to the Food and Health programme

The Food and Health programme is an interdisciplinary research and teaching programme drawing on specialist expertise in food science, process engineering, nutrition, health, social sciences, business and commercialisation from across the University of Auckland.

  • Crunchy, creamy, crispy… do we eat less food if it has a complex texture?
    02 November 2017
    Professor Bryony James, Associate Professor Michael Hautus and Dr Nicholas Gant from the University of Auckland have received Marsden Grant funding and will study how food texture relates to our sense of feeling full. The findings from a Food and Health Programme Seed project "Exploring Brain Circuitry Involved in Food Texture and Satiety" helped inform this successful Marsden application
  • NZ scientists untangle the genetic link between obesity and diabetes
    31 October 2017
    Auckland researchers have made a major leap in our understanding of the genetic basis for obesity and type 2 diabetes, and why these two conditions so often go hand in hand.
  • Universities receive $1 million to study impact of sound on fermenting beer
    24 September 2017
    Dr Andrew Jeffs from the Institute of Marine Science, is working on a project funded by the MBIE's Endeavour Fund that may impact everything from a pint of beer to cleaning products and medication. This project was the subject of a Food and Health Programme Seed Funded project Beat-root to faster plant growth?
  • New clues in childhood obesity puzzle: study
    21 September 2017
    New evidence from New Zealand’s contemporary longitudinal study Growing Up in New Zealand shows how genes and the environment may interact to promote obesity.
  • Call for seed funding proposals closed
    15 November 2017
    The call for Food and Health Programme Seed Funding Applications has now closed. Successful applicants will be notified at the end of November