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Food and Health Programme

Featured research

Dr Nicolas Gant from the Department of Exercise Sciences

Dr Nicholas Gant from the Faculty of Science Dr Nicholas Gant provides an overview of the research and capabilities of the Exercise Neurometabolism Laboratory, with a particular focus on his research into how food affects the brain and assists in overcoming stress and fatigue.




Dr Clare Wall and Amy Lovell from the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Professor Clare Wall and Amy Lovell provide insight into the research capabilities of the Discipline of Nutrition.




Professor Sally Poppitt from the Faculty of Science

Professor Sally Poppitt from the Faculty of Science discusses the research undertaken at the Human Nutrition Unit.




Professor Mohammed Farid from the Faculty of Engineering

Professor Mohammed Farid provides an overview of novel food processing technology.




Dr Denise Conroy from the Faculty of Business and Economics

Dr Denise Conroy discusses the use of consumer behaviour research for both commercial and social marketing purposes.




Professor David Cameron-Smith from the Liggins Institute

Nutrition research is underway to identify diet components that will help maintain muscle mass and accelerate repair.




Dr Frederique Vanholsbeck from the Department of Physics

Food safety protocol will be transformed with the development of a new, innovative test, that will provide bacteria counts within 30 minutes.